Our complete and flexible facade and panel solutions are fully customisable to the design of your project. As we control the manufacturing process we can deliver profiles to your specifications, providing complete design freedom.

However, if you're looking for something off-the-shelf we have a diverse range of profiles, ready to go, that will bring interest, individuality and performance to your project.

Our in-house R&D teams are continually challenging the status-quo to deliver new and innovative solutions to the market. One such development is our flexible range of metal sidings that can be used to customise façades:



To meet the growing demand for prefabricated steel cladding, we developed a new range of sidings that can be used to customise facades in an almost infinite number of ways. The creative possibilities are exceptional, perfectly balancing aesthetic appeal and affordability.

Metal sidings are the ideal component for experimenting with different combinations of shapes, materials, colours and surfaces – giving your facade personality. The depth of the design ensures a facade with a strong identity from any angle. Available in all colours and coatings that are included in our Colorissime colour range.


Architectural façades by ArcelorMittal Construction

Unleash limitless possibilities in sustainable architectural design with ArcelorMittal Construction façades. Wield colour, shape and texture to sculpt the world around you and create buildings that evoke awe or blend seamlessly within their environments.

Many architects hold firm the belief that form follows function. That’s why ArcelorMittal Construction’s façades are created to be as functional as they are beautiful. From fire-resistance to energy efficiency, whatever needs drive your project, you can be sure our façades will perform to the highest standards.

This brochure is intended to provide you with the inspiration and conviction you need to bring your projects to life exactly as you imagine them. So, read on and let your creativity soar.

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