Pflaum® FEI

The mineral wool panel Pflaum® FEI combines the best insulating performance with an invisible fixation. The special tongue and groove milling hides mounting clips behind the ceiling shells. Inside the panel, shear-resistant and non-combustible mineral fibers prevent the thermal insulation from sagging. This does not only provide an immaculate façade, but also a robust and durable one that is precisely tailored to your building.

  • Highlighted joint for an extravagant and unique appearance which is additionally emphasised by the smooth or slightly profiled surface
  • Mineral fibre strands bonded transversely to the steel surfaces, water-repellent and non-inflammable
  • Density ≥ 100kg/m³
  • Width: 600, 915, 1000, 1100 and 1200mm
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