Pflaum® FE

The Pflaum® FE mineral wool composite panel is a true all-rounder with maximum efficiency. It was specially developed for the requirements of modern facade construction and impresses with its particularly low weight - and that without any compromises in terms of thermal insulation or fire protection. The inside of the non-flammable rock wool core is rigidly connected with hot-dip galvanized and coil-coated steel sheets - this prevents the insulation from sinking. Thanks to special labyrinth milling, the formation of cold bridges is also effectively prevented.

The Pflaum® FE combines high fire protection and insulation standards with a light, airy construction and is therefore ideal for timeless facade designs - even for buildings with a higher fire load.

  • Mineral fiber strands bonded across the steel surfaces, water-repellent and non-combustible
  • Density: 100 kg/m³
  • maximum production length: 15.5 m
  • width: 1050mm
  • Combination with ONDATHERM panels possible
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