Hacierba® 1.600.130

Cladding steel trays Hacierba 130/600 SR/SRP (width 600mm/heigth 130mm) are the internal base of the system of light cladding of the walls erected in the so-called tray/mineral wool insulation/cladding sheet system. The static load and the spans between the columns determine the selection of the trays depth and the thickness of the steel band used to production.

  • Durable and light inner cladding profile with thermal insulation of mineral wool slabs for industrial and logistic buildings giving good fire and acoustic resistance
  • Large structural span of elements - up to 8m
  • Option: perforation
  • Steel grade min. 280GD with optimal corrosion protection with metallic ZMevolution and organic coatings, suitable for corrosion exposition of building
  • Sheet thicknesses: 0.75 to 1.25mm
  • You can also access our Spaner calculation tool
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