Hairplan PW

Hairplan PW is a hidden fixings non-insulating system of steel flat linear elements with oversized junction groove for wall application. Available as non-perforated and as perforated (individual perforation is possible). It can be made of pre-painted steel or stainless steel. The systems consists of the linear panels, corner panels, distance hangers, linear hanging rails and blocking spot elements.

  • Folded ends ensure stiffening of the linear panels and protect "waving" effects
  • Simultanously folded ends eliminate accessories application necessity at linear conncections
  • Linear hanging rails and distance hangers help the walls plane leveling
  • Distance hangers make thermal/acoustic additional insulation possible as an option (mineral wool)
  • If assembly is horizontal the linear hanging rails application without screwing makes the thermal elongation possible and protects "waving" and "deformations" of the linear elements
  • Rollforming process of prefabrication as wel as the nominal thickness 1.00mm makes the maximum length up to 13.0 meters available per piece!
  • Available in 3 main effective modular width: 200, 300 and 400mm
  • The system consists of (among other units) linear corners to help aesthetical outlook witout corner flashings
  • wide core material range (galvanized and precoated steel, stainless steel)
  • Wide perforations range possible according to individual projects
  • Anti-graffiti additional protection on organic coating available
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