Cofrasol 84

Cofrasol® 84 is one of the most popular lost shuttering decking. With its trapezoidal shape of height 84mm, the metal floor system permits efficient transport and storage. The steel floor deck spans without any propping up to 4.50m and reduces considerably the self-weight of the final slab compared to any prefabricated concrete solution.

  • Maximum spans up to 3.00m without props and until 6.00m with props
  • 30% weight reduction in comparison to a comparable prefabricated concrete slab floor
  • Reduced costs of supporting structures due to weight reduction
  • Perfectly stackable for efficient transportation & storage at site
  • The metal floor has a performing metallic coating ZMevolution®
  • REI up to 180 min
  • You can also access our Spaner calculation tool
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